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The Found One
He was one of those people that looks good wearing their hats forward. Y'know, one of those people that, when you see them, because it's not backwards, you can assume they're either a farmer or a jerk?
When I first layed eyes on him, at College, I was jealous. I can't explain why I was jealous. It just sort of happened. That golden, corn colored hair sticking out of that stupid hat. That big, idiotic grin. Those bleach washed teeth. If there were ever anyone to be jealous of on sight, it was him.
Someone came to school with a gun a year later. I can't tell you whether it was stress or insanity or maybe just anger with the world. People tell me that it was all of the above. I think that he just wanted to see another Human bleed. After all, there are so few of those left in the world.
The fact of the matter was, that someone came to my class. Odd, really. So many other classes in this school, but someone chose mine. While everyone else got on the ground when the shots shattered the air,
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Two Worlds Apart
It is said that after killing Balder, the Gods searched out Loki and found him disguised as a trout in a river. They then caught him and transformed one of his sons, Vali, into a wolf. He soon turned on his brother, Narfi, and disemboweled him. The Gods then used Narfi's entrails to chain Loki to three rocks, under which a venomous serpent would drip its venom onto Loki's face. His wife, out of mercy and loyalty, sits beside him, collecting the venom in the bowl until it is full. She then must empty in onto his face; and this will endure until Ragnarök.
Now the next day, that followed the day of the preparation, the chief priests and Pharisees came together unto Pilate, Saying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, while he was yet alive, After three days I will rise again.
Matthew, 27: 62-63
Sophia awoke in a nice, warm bed, the orange tint of a candle lightly illuminating her and her surroundings; the quilt that lay over her chest and body; t
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The World
The world spoke to him. He listened. It whispered softly of sun laced days, where all that mattered were blue skies and the wind. It tickled his ear and murmured of a time where all that seemed meaningful was how many moments a person spent with people he called friends. How much time he spent smiling.
The world spoke to him—in such a way that no others could hear—and in these talks he learned how to be happy. He learned that, in the end, everything would rust and burn. He learned that nothing beyond his love for others actually mattered. He was told about the delusions of grandeur Humanity held for itself—the way they so blindly followed a path that lead them nowhere.
Even after listening to this, he merely listened. It was a soft prick in his mind and nothing more. What the real world and his real life meant to him were much more than a mere fantasy given by hallucination or dream. There was a problem, though. A problem caused by speaking with the world; he began to se
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Two men walked outside, discussing life—both were moving on to College, and both were leaving for far away places.
“So much for the stars.” One says, commenting on the cloudy night.
“So much for our lives.” The other responds, commenting on their future.
They stood there for a long while, silent, coping with the truth of the matter.
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Pillars of Gossamer
They towered above her, these pillars of gossamer. There was nothing more beautiful, and nothing more serene; perfect in their design and texture, her world held nothing as right as these towers.
She approached a pillar and touched it. It turned to dust. Assuming the same fate would befall the others, she left this place, never to find happiness.
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Why do we deserve to live?
Not many people get what they wish for. And when they do, it's often to their disadvantage.  A wish is not something to be trifled with--to be misused in any way shape or form--and unfourtunatly, that is something people can't seem to understand.
I am a wish granter. People who find me get what they wish for. I can't tell you how many times I've watched a human do something beyond them. I can't tell you how many failures I've witnessed or how many people have died. All I can say is that I can not disobey what a person wishes. If they want something, they get it, regardless of the thought put into the matter or the things that lead to it.
Once more, I find myself confronting someone about a wish made. . .
"How many people are you willing to kill. . .?" I ask, a frown on my face; this was the worst I'd ever seen someone who had been given what they wanted.
"All of them." This human said. It looked rugged, staring downward. There seemed to be no spark of soul in this person, and
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The Begotten: Pt 1
I love her, I love her, I love her...I love her so much I made her real? Yes. Yes, I made her real. How? It's simple, really...maybe to me. Not to others.
She's beside me right now. Yes, yes she is; she is beside me, Ralphie Alon, the one who made her real. Her name is Eve—Eve my Angel—and she loves me. She loves me. She waits for me outside the door of every one of my classes. She is always there—she is always there for me—and she always knows what I want and need most.
My name is Ralphie. I go to a large High School in Grand Island, Nebraska; I've spent the last three and a half years of my life going to this school, and I have gotten nowhere as far as other students are concerned. I am a relatively average graded student who procrastinates like everyone else and I tend to spend my time elsewhere. My spare moments, aside from trying to finish the menial tasks given to me by my teachers, are used reading. I read more than anyone else i
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Moon :iconmothersky:MotherSky 1 6
This tree
You see my dearest, I am leaving you,
for a tree that is far off   
has taken me from my love of thee.  
Maybe someday you will take in its beauty too,
because someday is forever and forever is always new.   
But you see, this tree, this tree...   
it consumes me.
I just hope you know that our love is true!
My dearest, we are here!
I've brought my blade,
this is cause for cheer.
Together, you and me, we will die at this tree,
lost among life's sweet parade,
our reasons unknown to the passing deer.
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Her name is--
She infests us,
the weak,
a pestilence of the soul.
She destroys us,
the strong,
and cremates our bodies.
She is the root of all fear--
mistress of the dark--
her name is Doubt.
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I looked within these eyes one day,
and in them I saw,
a long lived wish for our posterity.
Within this life is all we know,
but our thirst not overidden;
we strive for a height unreachable,
our ends and aspirations hidden.
And in this reflection I see,
a creature blemished,
eternally searching, blind in arrogance.
Within this life is all we know,
but this thirst not overidden;
I look before me and see,
Perfection; a dream now solicited.
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The end of the World
The world ended today. The world ends everyday. In one single cataclysmic swoop, darkness encircled this sphere we call earth and destroyed it. In fact, the world is ending for me right now. Everything is going away. My family. My friends. My Lover. It's all being destroyed. It's all being swallowed in the darkness.
The world ended today. It ends everyday. Currently, the stars are falling. The sky is raining blood. There are fireballs hitting the ground everywhere, causing immense explosions that create inferno's across the surface of this planet, and there are people screaming; people dying. The world is ending, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I pray. I have prayed every moment of this day, that the world may not end. But indeed, the end will come, and it will destroy us all. It will destroy us all. . .
The world ended today. The world ended when I shut my eyes, and the earth went black. The world ended when I, laying in a white room filled with man's feeble attempts at stop
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Corruption: Sign One
Kira sat alone in a field quite larger than most, left unplanted and speckled with trees; of which were surrounded by yellow grass, red at the tip with seed. It flowed like waves, bits coming up and down over Kira and the edge of her tree, much like the tide of an ocean. The trees in this field were all tall, and all oak; the appearance of their leaves had gone from green, to a red and gold, the colors of life being slowly sucked out and turned into something much more than death. Beauty.
Kira's back was faced to the hard, gray bark of the oak she had chosen to sit by, a book in her lap, opened to the final passage. She thumbed the last page, reluctant to continue, considering what she had read. A breeze that had been almost constant throughout the day picked up and made the girl's light brown hair whip in front of her face softly, obscuring her vision.
Kira reached up to handle this problem, and without thought she pushed up her glasses as well, resting them on the top of her nose.
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United States
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"Do not react to force in kind. Turn it aside. Direct it to where it can do no harm." —Meloku the Clouded Mirror

So. I've had a great deal of experiences to go with my amazing summer. Some good, some bad--who cares? When all compiled, I've had a pretty eventful summer. I'm proud.

Let's start off from my furthest epic memories! The fourth of July! Haha!

I lit off $1000 worth of Fireworks with a few friends in two days. It was amazing. We had a bond fire in the middle of the street and threw fireworks in it. We lit of HUGE sparklers and shot of tons of mortar shells. It was so much fun. As anyone might expect, I also played a great deal of computer games.

In my unit on Day of Defeat, I've progressed to the rank of Staff Sergeant and how have control of my own squad. I also participated in my first two matches--the first non-legit, and the second completely legit. But before I continue with that, I must bring up one other thing: Synod School.

I went to a Presbyterian Synod School in Storm Lake Iowa for a week. The drive up and down I did with a lady named Grandma Joy (she's overweight and very sick, and if I hadn't of gone with her she wouldn't have been able to go). It was an interesting trip, and it has convinced me that Iowa is pretty.

We'd feast. 3 meals a day--all huge buffets--with anything imaginable. Including dessert. It was quite possibly the best I've ever eaten.

Then there would be morning convocation, which was, needless to say, also amazing. The speaker there was a genius and had some very respectable things to say. After that, I'd head to my class, which was Forgiveness and the Psychological Process behind it.

I definitely chose the right class.

We had very deep discussions about the principles behind forgiveness and reconciliation, and how the two are actually quite separate from one another. Our discussions often got gritty but very gratifying, and we all left feeling accomplished. Being the only person under 30 in there, I must say, I added a few thoughts that some people wouldn't have comprehended--simply because I have a fresh world view.

After that there would be lunch. Must I say. . .STUFFED MY FACE?! Hahaha!

After that I would teach First through Third Graders science.

I've never smiled more in my life. They were so cute! I'm not even lying! The little devils made me smile so much it was crazy! We had so much fun doing all of our activities, that, even though it exhausted me completely for the day, I didn't care! I just enjoyed every moment with them.

It made me sad to know I'd have to leave them. It also made me very sad to know that eventually they'd grow up to be snobby or mean or obsessed with the wrong things.

Children. . .they are what we should work to be--they are the soul we should work on crafting, and the spirit we should hold closely. For he who has lost his childhood--and the ability to be a child--has lost his sight of anything good. . .

After that I'd take a nap during Chapel and head to bed. My roomate was a 25 year old guy named Nathan Williams, and he was a new pastor just out of Seminary. We had some damned good dicussions. One, in particular, went into how most people fear the internet because of the ability to fabricate ones own image. However, we made the comparitive analogy that people do that in real life anyway, and they just can't cope with the idea of people doing it so actively on the internet.

My best friends are on the internet. Period. And I must say, I've come to conclude that they are the truest friends imaginable--because they are not influenced by the petty spites and strife's that come between friends and groups of friends; those things that ultimately result in a broken relationship.

It was a good week.

When I got back I got to spend a great deal of time with my friends (mostly Kenny and Sackey), and also got to see The Dark Knight seven times.

I got to go Paintballing with Kenny and Sackey. Epic story there.

Imagine this: I and my friends decide to go woodsballing with a bunch of strangers. I've never been paintballing, so I just put on a camo best and call it good. No armor. Just my shirt, jeans, and this dumb camo vest.

When we pull up, the people there are DECKED OUT in FULL @$&!ING CAMO GEAR! FULL! GUILLY SUITS AND SNIPER GEAR! In shame, I took off my simple camo vest and accepted the fact that I was COMPLETELY DOOMED.

Either way, I end up on my friends team. We're on attack. Our objective is to take the "Fort" that's on the edge of a clearing that is surrounded by trees. The enemy team is marked with yellow tape around their arms.

So. . .I depart with Kenny and a guy named Andy and Kenny's girlfriends brother, Buddy. We decide to go around the trees in the clearing until we reached the Fort.

Well, because I'm slow and asthmatic, I got left behind. I decided finally that even if I did get anywhere, I was the biggest target on the field, so I might as well just get it over with and go around the clearing and let them shoot me at the fort.

I get to the edge where the Fort is (while a guy is taking pictures of me from afar) and notice that it's full of people yelling and firing. I KNOW that they can see me, but they haven't shot at me yet. So, I decide to get up to head into it, thinking that my team had taken the fort (my own ignorance would seal my epic fate).

As I get up someone in full camo runs by me, crouches directly in front of me, and starts firing into the tree line. They get railed by a line of paint (from Kenny, non-the-less; I didn't know it was Kenny), so I crouched down beside him and started firing. He was out, and when I felt it safe I went next to this guy and kneeled on the other side of our cover. We began talking, and after about a minute I realized something.

I was in the enemy base. Completely surrounded by four enemies. The one beside me to my left, one to the right, and two in a barrel for cover to my top right.

Freaking out, I started to contemplate what I should do.

I began talking with the guy next to me, and we seemed pretty cool. He asked me what team I was on. I told him I didn't know. He asked me if I was on his team. I shrugged and said I had no idea. Then he asked if I was on Bobby's (my team) team. I said I had no idea, and that I was too new to know.

I started freaking out in my mind. What the hell was I supposed to do?! Behind enemy lines! Surrounded! What do I do?! The entire time Kenny was in the tree line, watching me, thinking "What the @^%# is Josh doing!?"

The guy beside me decided to turn and fire at someone from afar. I got up and pointed my gun down at him.

He turned back around and looked up at me.

"Dude, what are you doing? You're pointing your gun at me!"

I said, very sadly, "I know. I didn't start with yellow tape around my arm."

I execute him and the other guy really quickly, then run to the barrel, stick my gun down it, and take out the other two.

I single handedly, as the most incapable player on the field, won the game for my team.

Crazy stuff.

A couple days later my friends from Omaha (living together in Omaha for College. Horrible idea, if you ask me) came down. We hung out, and I decided to get my cards back, because I'd heard they'd stolen them and hid them from me.

For six months.

I did get them back. And I was not pleased.

Friends deserve respect, right? Respect for themselves and their things.

I get none most of the time.

Oh well.

I then participated in my first legit match for the 5th. We dominated.

I've been playing with the Cards I got back.

Oh, I also forgot to mention! I got an AMAZING new job! I'm going to be working at a Cabelas Call Center! Mucho Grande Money and hours! It's working out very well for me so far in training, and I know I'll do well!

I'll be able to replace this PC by December! Right now, my PC is sitting in a Dr. Pepper Crate. . .strapped down with twisty ties.

Sad, huh?

Oh well.

I've decided to try and write 1-2 short stories a week! I hope I can do it!

Go read my latest one! The Found one! Irony, indeed =D Most people are lost.

I love you all!



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